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 My love of history began in the pages  of a photograph album in my childhood home. In the black and white photos, I saw family members who came before me, the trips they took, the cars they drove, and the homes they lived in. My personal history felt enriched and safe.

But then I went to school and began to read. I discovered a broader world where life was more painful.

Books like Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski and Blue Willow by Doris Gates revealed a world of poverty and sorrow. Eventually, I read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank and greater heartache moved into my consciousness.


I write books about tough topics because I am trying to understand the world's




Bakers Mountain Stories

Joyce Moyer Hostetter, Author of Middle Grade Historical Fiction, Books, Hickory Novels, AIM, Blue, Comfort, Junior Bledsoe, Ann Fay Honeycutt, WWII,
Joyce Moyer Hostetter, Author of Middle Grade Historical Fiction, Books, Hickory Novels, Aim, Blue, Comfort, polio, Miracle of Hickory, WWII, Ann Fay Honeycutt,


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Joyce Moyer Hostetter, Author of Middle Grade Historical Fiction, Books, Hickoryh Novels, Aim, Blue, Comfort, Polio, Warm Springs Georgia, Postwar Trauma, PTSD

At the foot of Bakers Mountain in western North Carolina, lies a memorable community where back door friends help each other through difficult times. In this series, set during the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s, three families, the Honeycutts, the Bledsoes, and the Hinkle sisters overcome personal hardships.

Trouble comes after all of them at one time or another—in the form of family dysfunction, disease, death, missteps, war, or post-war trauma. But these southerners are made of a grit that’s as enduring as the red earth beneath their feet.  And there is nothing so big that some home cooking, shared tears, and a helping hand can’t fix.

​The stories are told by Ann Fay Honeycutt, her siblings, and their neighbor, Junior Bledsoe, as each of them reaches their teen years and faces personal and community challenges.





Due to Covid 19 my in-person visits have been cancelled. However, I've enjoyed being involved in virtual events and I invite you to explore the possibilities.


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Curriculum Guide

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